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CLASSICs on the Quay - Automotive Events - Sandstone Productions -

Our next high octane event will be held at Hythe Marina after our successful event held there on 8th June 2019.

The date is still to be confirmed as we expand our show once again, so please keep your ignition key on this page or visit our Facebook page below (click on the highlights button)

Highlights from our last fantastic Show at : MDL Hythe Marina Village

'Important Information regarding tomorrows event......'

To Confirm ' Classic and Supercars on the Quay is going ahead'

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Due to the weather the main part of the Seafood Festival has been cancelled 

Times remain the same : (Early Arrivals 08.30) - with a 9.00am start and 1pm finish 

Watling Streetfood will be there in their converted Horse box serving seafood Pizzas, and possible their Ice cream bike! 
Ashlett Creek produce will be selling honey & Cider from the back of their van, 
Pig Beer will doing their first ever outdoor event, and Eco Coffee have just rocked up with what looks to a log cabin on wheels!

This is Hythe Marina's official statement :

We have not taken this decision lightly, but public safety has to be our number one consideration, and as most traders would have been using Gazebos up to 44MPH gusts could be a recipe for disaster. The Classic car and Supercars don't mind a bit of wind, they would be more worried about getting their cars wet, luckily there is a only a 17% chance or less of rain in the morning so we are still expecting a healthy turnout!
International street magician Edward (Askham Magic) will still be working the crowd so watch out for him! A few other traders who don't use Gazebos may well still be attending, updates to follow.'

***HOT OFF THE PRESS*** Event date 08-06-2019 

What a Fantastic Show lined up for ‘CLASSIC and Supercars on the Quay’ !!!

The show will feature will not only feature Automotive legends but also a feast of celebration of food will keep your Tanks full…..

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#Ridiculously #Rich... what can we say.., They came last year and pretty much sold out..... 

Another booking just in from Simon of Lymington based The #Solent#Cellar. An independent is a #specialist #wine #merchant serving Lymington and the #New #Forest area.

If Cream teas are your thing word has it that "3 #Dotty #Dollies" will be joining us at the Hythe Seafood festival 
CLASSIC and Supercars on the Quay on June 8th! You can find their facebook page at

Should you fancy a #bacon #butty or #burger then Gosport-based ‘#Flavourstation’ will be doing the honours...who also will be designing and producing the event guide on the day……

The team at #Solent #Oyster #Restoration #Project team will be joining us You can find out more about their work at

Yet another excellent reason to visit ….. Southsea’s-based ‘The #Fisherman's #Kitchen’ will be creating some of their trademark dishes ! check out their web page here -

So, got a #sweet tooth? Oliver and the team from #Dorset's #Ministryof #Fudge will be there to tempt you! Check out their Facebook page -

#Seared #scallops and live Jersey oysters are just two of the seafood items you'll find Dan from #Coralbay #Seafood serving ………..

#Wild #Garlic #Catering will be joining us also with a #Hog roast and #Hot dogs!

Other features of the show will include ….

The ‘#Ferrari #Owners #Club’ will be taking us into #topgear be taking a stand with us, so make sure you bring your camera !

Griffon Hoverwork :
Will be landing at least one of their #crafts on the #Slipway at #Hythe and hopefully have people on hand to tell us all about this amazing local company. 

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Rev up your engine’s as #CLASSICs and #Supercars on the Quay is Back .....!!!!

It’s time to Torque Engines on the 8th June 2019 !!!
09.00 - 13.00 for #HytheSeafoodFestival and #Mdlmarinaday

We will be the main feature for this Special event at
’Hythe #MarinaVillage’ for their very first ever #Seafood #Festival coupled with our popular #MDLMarinaDay.......

Free admission, loads of really interesting stalls selling seafood and #local produce, fun events to try your hand at, #Liveband
#Free admission, Free local visitor parking with access via a Free land train and lots more besides.

We will be updating this page as more details unfold .....

8th June 2019 - 09.00 to 13.00

The one motoring event not to miss this year ….
Hythe Marina Village Driver information :

* All arrivals start from 09.00
(for early arrivals please contact us)
Showcars - Waterfront parking Turn Right when you enter Marina
Visitors - Local Free parking with Free Land Train
* Feel Free to turn up on the day, no pre-booking required
* Seafood Market 09.00 - 17.00
* FREE Parking for #Showcars
* As some of our members will be arriving by Boat, Hythe offers Full Marina facilities with Restaurant, Visitor berthing Petrol & Diesel Fuel Dock.
* #Showcars : ‘1990 and Older’
Any #Supercar
Any #American car
Any #Motorbike
Any #Scooter
#Classic #specialist #vehicle’s

#Hythe #Marina #Village
SO45 6DY Hythe, Southampton, United Kingdom
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Please also visit use at

Our exciting Classic car shows attract over 170 automotive legends on display at Hythe Marina Village - Southampton

Free to Display and visit and also with on-site Restaurant

There's no need to Pre-book (unless you are a large club and wish to park together) just arrive at :

Hythe Marina Village The Lock Building Shamrock Way, Southampton SO45 6DY

where our friendly marshalls will show you to your show space.

CLASSICs on the Quay is in top gear to welcome a wide range of CLASSIC automotive legends to Shamrock Quay Marina - Southampton

On display are Supercars, Bikes, Scooter, American, Hot Rods and Cars, some dating back 100 years

We also featured in Southampton Sailing Week -

We have hosed 28 amazing shows at Shamrock Quay Marina in Southampton for

Featuring automotive history dating back to 1915, monthly shows feature a wealth of 1990 or older

Classic cars, American, Motorbikes, Scooters and                 Supercars of any age

Sometimes only only one specific car can fulfil your dreams ...... 

Imagine arriving at your special event in one of our Movie cars ....

or maybe your Film, Movie set or video production requires an iconic Car ?

Sandstone Productions not only has its own cars for hire, but has access to owners of many other types of vehicles, part of our unique package includes professional photography to capture your event

Contact Sandstone Productions on 07590 196750