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The first production DMC-12 (DeLorean Motor Company) rolled off the production line on

21st January 1981

Our Delorean was built in August of 1981, being a 1/3rd of the way through production, it was imported back from Texas in 2014. A full refurbishment took place over the following 18 months which was completed April 2016.

A truly unique car with a very interesting history, the iconic Gull Wing doors and its Movie Car Status make it one of the most iconic cars on the road today.

To enhance your experience we have many props including :

Marty's Overboard, Jacket, Nike Mags, Sport Almanac, Flux Capacitor, JVC Movie CamCorder, Walkman, Photographs, Letters, Newspaper articles, Docs Future Glasses, Nike Trainers, and lots lots more 

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21 DeLorean Facts :

1. The DeLorean DMC-12 was the vision of automotive industry executive John DeLorean, who worked for Chrysler, Packard, Pontiac and Chevrolet before setting up his own company in 1973. 

2. The car was built in Dunmurry, a suburb of south-west Belfast, with the first car rolling off the production line on January 21, 1981. 

3. Approximately 9,000 were made before production halted in early 1983. Only 16 official right-hand-drive cars were ever produced. 

4. The car was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro of Ital Design (who also designed the Lotus Esprit and the original Volkswagen Golf).

5. The body panels weren’t painted, as they were made from the same brushed stainless steel used in the catering industry.

6. However, three cars were plated in solid gold. The original plan was to build 100 as part of a Christmas 1980 promotion for American Express gold card members. Only two of the $85,000 cars were sold, but a third was also built with spare parts, in case one of the other two was damaged. 

7. The engine was a version of the 2.7-litre V6 that was developed jointly by Peugeot, Renault and Volvo. It was also fitted in the Renault 30. 

8. The official 0-60mph time for the DMC-12 was 8.8 seconds. 

9. The DMC-12 was so named the because it was originally priced at $12,000. However, by the time it came to market, the car had a suggested retail price of $25,000 (you could option an automatic transmission for an extra $650). 

10. A total of six DeLorean cars were used for the making of the Back to the Future movies, along with one built entirely out of fibreglass for scenes in which the car had to fly. Only three of the cars still exist, plus the one that was destroyed at the end of the trilogy’s final film. 

11. The doors have space-age tech developed by the defence industry, Grumman Aerospace developed the doors' torsion bar (which helps with the lifting and lowering) and did most of the manufacturing under cryogenic conditions to ensure longevity. When not working on the DeLorean, Grumman made things like the Apollo Lunar Module and the F-14.

12. The government used DeLoreans to test airbags, DeLorean originally intended the DMC-12 to be an extremely safe vehicle -- in fact one of the top contenders for the car’s name was DSV, "DeLorean Safety Vehicle." The company even donated two of the early prototypes to the NHTSA for airbag crash tests. 

13. Before starting his eponymous company, John Z. DeLorean was one of GM's brightest stars, He headed up Pontiac in the 1960s, where he was responsible for the birth of legendary cars like the GTO and Firebird, before running Chevrolet in the early 1970s and making a few enemies at GM along the way.

14. The car’s shape was penned by legendary designer Georgette Giugiaro, Even if you’ve never heard of Giugiaro, you know his other works: the BMW M1, Yugo, Lotus Esprit, and Lexus GS all came from his mind, to name just a few.

15. The chassis was engineered by Lotus founder Colin Chapman. Well, it was actually re-engineered by Chapman, because the first design used unproven techniques. The chassis shares much of its components with the Lotus Esprit 

16. The engine? Straight out of a Volvo. DeLorean went through a couple of engine plans, including a rotary engine like you’d find in a  Mazda RX-7, But ultimately, a version of a V6 developed by Peugeot, Renault, and Volvo found its way into the rear. Surprisingly, plutonium- and garbage-powered nuclear reactors were never taken into consideration.

17. There are three gold-plated DeLoreans. As part of a campaign with American Express, a couple of 24k gold-plated cars made it into the world, and both are in museums today. A third was eventually made from the spare parts of the first two

18. The "A" hero DeLorean time machine used throughout the entire film series was painstakingly restored by Temporal FX and is on permanent indoor display at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California.

19. The DeLorean time machine which was once outfitted for stunt work with train wheels for Back to the Future Part III is now on display at Universal Orlando next to Doc Brown's time traveling train from Back to the Future Part III. 

20. The third remaining time machine was retrofitted with 1950's white-wall tires in Back to the Future Part III, and is now in private hands.

21. The time machine which was hit by the train at the end of Back to the Future Part III was the "B" main stunt car used throughout the trilogy. To create this effect, the special effects crew cut up the car and frame, rigging it with explosives. The wrecked body panels were reassembled after filming, and the DeLorean was suspended from the ceiling for a number of years at the Planet Hollywood Honolulu restaurant in Hawaii (closed in 2010).

The time machine on outside display at Universal Studios Japan is decorated with props from several of the original time machines used through the trilogy.

The fiberglass hover-converted time machine toured the world and was later on display in The World of Cinemagic: Back to the Future Special Effects Stage show (1991-2001) on the lower lot at Universal Studios Hollywood. Reportedly, it was dismantled when the Back to the Future portions of this show ended in 2001.

Universal Studios commissioned the creation of at least four additional DeLorean time machines to promote the sequels and the opening of Back to the Future...The Ride. These time machines along with other vehicles from Back to the Future Part II were part of Universal Studios' international Back to the Future World Tour in the early '90s.


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