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DeLorean Ready Player One Time Machine Spotted !

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 08.15.35.png

Science fiction novel by Ernest Cline 'Ready Player One' will be hitting the big screen on 30 March 2018.

A DeLorean Time Machine will be featured as the story follows Wade Watts on his search for an Easter Egg in a virtual reality game called the OASIS. Set in a dystopian 2044 this discovery will lead him to inherit a fortune. 

This film will see Wade step back into the 80's experiencing Dungeons of Daggorath, WarGames, Pac-Man, Zork, Blade Runner, Rush, 2112, Art3mis, IOI, Tempest, King Arthur (Monthy Python and the Holby Grail, Willy Wonka, Akira, Nightmare on Elm Street, Duke Nukem, Joust, Tomb Raider, The A-Team, Back to the Future, and The Iron Gaint 

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